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    Celebrating nostalgic pop culture that is spooky and kooky!

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    Vintage horror, sci-fi, and comic book themed prints, apparel, and gifts.

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    High quality prints, t-shirts, and more. I started out selling digitally restored vintage movie posters here in 2021, and soon after added mugs, blankets, tapestries, t-shirts, pint glasses, and canvases.

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    Not on Etsy? No problem. The main online store has just about everything the Etsy store has! I rarely offer discounts on Etsy, but if you’re on the newsletter, I offer exclusive discounts in our own shop! Sign up for the newsletter below!

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    Whispers From The Crypt

    Blog posts on vintage horror, science fiction, pulps, comics, pin-ups and numerous other oddities from the fringes of pop culture!

    Frankenstein (1931) Movie Reaction Video - Mystery Supply Co. - Frankenstein's face and movie logo

    Frankenstein (1931) Movie Reaction

    Mar 17, 2024

    I watched Frankenstein (1931) for the first time as part of a Universal Classic Monsters 30-film horror movie marathon.

    Dracula (1931) Movie Reaction Video - Mystery Supply Co. - Dracula's face and movie logo

    Dracula (1931) Movie Reaction Video

    Mar 3, 2024

    I posted a Dracula (1931) movie reaction as part of a Universal Classic Monsters 30-film horror movie marathon.

    Mystery Supply Co. Etsy Intro Video with Ryan pointing to Etsy logo

    Mystery Supply Co. Welcome Video for Etsy Shoppers

    Feb 16, 2024

    I posted a YouTube video to share with Etsy shoppers why Mystery Supply has the best horror and sci-fi products on Etsy.